Press Release: Beekeeper Coffee

Posted: September 26, 2023
Press Release: Beekeeper Coffee

Paul Rivera, Fara Leff, David Creech

Fara Leff, Paul Rivera, David Creech, Andrew and Nate Forbes Join Forces to Bring a New Voice to Coffee

New Beekeeper Coffee brand created by proven leaders who
will focus on the next generation of coffee consumers


Los Angeles, Calif. (September 26, 2023) – Fara Leff, Paul Rivera, David Creech, Andrew and Nate Forbes have joined forces to create Beekeeper Coffee – a new ready-to-drink coffee brand bringing a new voice to the industry for the next generation of consumers.

Beekeeper’s founders have built and guided some of the most iconic brands in culture today. The group has been connected for more than a decade, forming an authentic bond rooted in being self-made and embracing the hustle mentality. Leff is the COO of Klutch Sports Group; Rivera is the co-creator of “The Shop” and the CMO of Springhill Co.; Creech is the co-founder of Adopt and spent nearly 20 years leading design at Nike and Jordan Brand working with some of the highest profile athletes and products in the world; and Andrew and Nate Forbes lead the Forbes company and were former owners of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The group has touched major projects together in the past and present – on things like Nike, Beats By Dre, Lobos 1707, Klutch Sports Group and the Cleveland Cavaliers – but Beekeeper Coffee represents the next level of their relationship building something new together.

“We took a long look at the current marketplace and saw an opportunity to leverage our expertise and our network to bring a new voice to coffee,” Leff said. “The industry is overwhelming and intimidating, and the next generation of coffee consumers is craving something simple, fresh and aligned with their taste.”

Beekeeper is bringing a ready-to-drink solution featuring the most popular flavors available in places authentic to the brand. It will offer cold brew lattes available in three flavors – Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel – and for the more avid coffee consumer, a Double Black cold brew with a drop of honey.

 “Our network is driving some of the most relevant brands in culture today,” Rivera said. “We’re using that to take an unexpected approach to distribution through our network of sports, hospitality groups and brand collaborations.”

“Ready-to-drink coffee is growing,” Nate Forbes said. “It’s one of the fastest growing market segments, yet there are fragmented channels and a lack of innovation. Beekeeper is setting out to move the market forward with a fresh take.”

The product and creative represents the Beekeeper brand in a youthful and authentic way.

“The Beekeeper Coffee brand represents the freshness we will deliver to the industry by bringing our world to it. We are leaning into a bold brand identity, impactful storytelling, and top flavors that consumers love,” Creech said.

 Beekeeper Coffee is available to purchase direct today at, and will be featured soon at select hospitality and retail partners.